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20170915 CISystem Architecture Specification 3 - Client Server Execution
20170902 CISystem Architecture Specification 2 - Socket Creation
20170815 CISystem Architecture Specification 1 - Communication
20170612 New Blog Build Scripts On GitHub
20170611 Raspberry Pi - Developer Tools 5 - USB Pendrive Ext4
20170530 Raspberry Pi - Developer Tools 4 - Tomcat Web Server
20170527 Raspberry Pi - Setup A Retropie To Play C64 Games
20170525 Raspberry Pi - Developer Tools 3 - Bash Shortcuts
20170525 Raspberry Pi - Developer Tools 2 - Java Gradle Git
20170525 Raspberry Pi - Developer Tools 1 - FTP Server
20170509 Raspberry Pi static eth0 ad-hoc wlan0
20170426 Raspberry Pi raspi-config
20170422 Raspberry Pi
20170420 Develop Software On Ipad
20161230 Human Readable Object Export
20161228 Gradle Buildsrc Needs To Have Buildscript For Dependencies
20161218 Me Updated
20161218 H2 For Logging
20161216 History Outsourced
20161206 A New Design
20161115 Intellij IDEA Indention Tabs Spaces
20161111 Intellij IDEA Keymap
20161106 Refactored Gradle Build
20161102 Consumer Producer Pattern Or Problem
20161101 Rework Of The Topics Page
20161030 Tagging Is Cool
20161030 Goodbye Netbook Hello Mac
20161028 Example For Combining OP And CPP With Wait And Notify
20161028 Communication In CISystem Between Threads
20161008 Reflection On My Mind
20161003 Wax On Wax Off Or How To Polish This Site
20160925 Spock Unit Tests For CISystem
20160907 How To Pass Only New Information
20160907 Benefits Of Java Enumerations Compared To C++
20160902 Upgrade To Gradle 3
20160827 How To Decide Who is First When Everything Happens At The Same Time
20160826 Five Things You Should Try
20160820 Update Of The Atom Editor Blog
20160820 A Spike For Implementing The Threading Of CISystem
20160809 Why I Have Spent My Time On Learning How To Implement my RSS Feed
20160809 Generating RSS Feeds With Gradle And Groovy For This Blog
20160804 Why I Write Shell Scripts With Gradle And Groovy
20160731 A Blog About Using Gradle
20160723 Sometimes A Sprint Fails
20160723 Jenkins Entries Are Now In Jenkins Blog
20160723 How To Install CentOS In VMWare
20160717 Now Working With Git On My Synology
20160717 Connecting the nodes in CISystem
20160717 A Blog About Jenkins
20160710 Reading Json Configurations In CISystem
20160703 CISystem Requirement Specification
20160703 CISystem
20160626 Sending Objects Via Sockets In Java
20160626 A Blog About The Editor Atom
20160626 A Blog About Coding In Java
20160619 Restructuring This Blog
20160619 I will post new blog entries every Sunday from now on
20160603 A Blog About Setting Up Xubuntu
20160424 A Blog About Using Git
20160224 How To Start Jenkins With Java From Shell
20160224 How To Give Code-Blocks A Style in HTML
20160224 How To Block Jenkins Jobs With Lockable Resources
20160221 How To Modify the Hello-World-JPI And See The Modification In Jenkins
20160221 How To Manually Test The Hello-World-JPI With Gradle
20160221 How To Create The Skeleton Of A Jenkins Plugin With Gradle
20160221 Elephant Carpaccio Or How Many Things Can I Get Done On Sunday
20160221 Compile A Hello-World-JPI
20160216 The first version is online
20160216 Technical Realization Of This Blog
20160216 How To Upload Third-Party-Artifacts to Nexus Using Gradle
20160216 How To Start Nexus For Testing
20160216 How To Install Nexus
20160216 How To Enable Artifact Upload In Nexus Via Web UI
20160216 How To Download Artifacts Nexus Using Gradle
20160216 How To Debug Gradle Scripts

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