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20160626 About This Atom Editor Blog
20160820 After Working Two Months With Atom


When you start using Atom, you will be mainly interested in how to configure it to reduce side effects of plugins and how to get Atom doing what you want.

These were my problems and this is how I solved them :

Indent a selection
TAB (works in every editor)
Outdent a selection
SHIFT + TAB (works in every editor)
Find something
Atom has a whole menu for finding things in all kinds of areas
Close the find pane
Deactivate Auto Indention
Look into the preferences, deactivate Auto Indent / On Paste
Preview Markdown
The package 'Markdown Preview installed' is installed by default,
toggle preview with CTRL + SHIFT + M
Writing @ in Atom in Windows does not work
Install the keyboard-localization package
Atom in Windows sometimes freezes when restarting after adding a project folder with lots of files
Hope for more stable version in the future
Atom in Windows sometimes dies switching between files
Does not happen in Linux, hope for more stable version in the future
Atom needs 10 seconds to start on my netbook
It is an IDE and not only an editor like gedit, use a faster PC with more RAM
Switch between tabs (Mac OS)

20160626 About This Atom Editor Blog

To know why I write a blog about Atom, please read my blog post

20160820 After Working Two Months With Atom

I have now worked for nearly two months with the editor Atom in Linux and Windows, time for a short review.

First of all : Please, team @Atom, keep up the good work!

I really love this editor, it rocks!

  1. It is so much fun when braces and quotation marks are directly closed when you open them.
  2. It so cool that the dictionary works out of the box and it stores new words, so that when coding it feels like having intellisense working.
  3. It works with the same speed on all of my PCs, from fastest i7 with 32G RAM to my old Samsung N150 netbook with atom processor and 2GB RAM.

On the other hand I have some small problems :

  1. The Atom editor repeatedly dies while starting when I add this special (big) git project as project folder.
  2. Starting the Atom editor on my Linux netbook takes 30 percent of the time of the whole boot process.
  3. It is the only editor I know which dies at least once per day in Windows when switching between open files.
  4. It is the only editor I know where I need to install special packages to be able to type @.
  5. The spell check works out-of-the-box in Windows but not in Linux.

Before Atom editor I have worked with UltraEdit and Notepad++ and never had any problems like described above.

I have decided the following :

  1. I will use gedit for some time in Linux and find out how much it slows me down not to have the autocomplete/intellisense feature and to miss the braces/quotation mark feature.
  2. I really like writing my blog posts and my Java sourcecode in Atom editor in Windows, I will go on using it there.

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