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20170915 CISystem Architecture Specification 3 - Client Server Execution

20170902 CISystem Architecture Specification 2 - Socket Creation

20170815 CISystem Architecture Specification 1 - Communication

20161218 H2 For Logging

20161028 Communication In CISystem Between Threads

20161008 Reflection On My Mind

20160925 Spock Unit Tests For CISystem

20160907 How To Pass Only New Information

20160827 How To Decide Who is First When Everything Happens At The Same Time

20160820 A Spike For Implementing The Threading Of CISystem

20160717 Connecting the nodes in CISystem

20160710 Reading Json Configurations In CISystem

20160703 CISystem Requirement Specification

20160703 CISystem

20160626 Sending Objects Via Sockets In Java

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