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20161218 H2 For Logging


Some requirements of CISystem are specifying which information have to be logged by the nodes. While implementing the concept of actions I had the idea of simply logging every action, so I could do a post mortem analysis about everything happening on a node and would not even have to implement this every time again since it would be a part of the action idea.

The only problem would be : log files, they are long, it is hard to search for patterns in them, they are no fun.

What I want is a way to handle these log files

I have decided to use the H2 Database Engine to store the log entries, because

  1. it is implemented in Java, you just need to have the jar file, this database is portable
  2. it uses a file on your harddisk and you can access this database file via your browser by just running the jar
  3. it can be run as in memory database, no need to persist the data to disk if you don't want to

I have already an example running in Eclipse based on JPA using EclipseLink.

Now I am working on the Gradle build script to build the database model and the application itself.

Building the application works, but generating the database model using Gradle is not working yet, there seems to be a compiletime conflict with the resources folder where META-INF/persistence.xml is stored.

I am working on this and will post my example code and build script when it is finished.

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