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I'm Andre Rolfs,

Contact : andre[dot]rolfs[at]wartbar[dot]de

This is my technical blog, here I share my experience.

I love automation and coding.

Now it is December 2016.

For several years I was looking for a project to start, a software to write, which would be needful, something I could really use every day.

The problems were always the same, it was a doom loop :

I was missing experience about how to do the cool things, so I could not start

I did not want to start with something where I already knew how to do it

There are a lot of cool things to learn, but how should I learn new things and start a big new project with using these things without having the feeling that I will never deliver, because it will never be finished, because there is not enough time for it ... since I already have a job?

Maybe this sounds strange, but I think a lot of software engineers have the same problems.

At work I solve my problems by working in a team and I wanted to work in a similar way on my private project CISystem.

I hack my tasks into small pieces, like in a planning session for a SCRUM sprint.

Instead of reporting my progress to a team, I write it down in my blog.

This way of working has helped me a lot and I have spend a lot of hours this year on my project.

These are some topics I have started to learn to implement this year :

This is the current list of languages and tools I am using :

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