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20170915 CISystem Architecture Specification 3 - Client Server Execution


Last weekend I was travelling by train to Oldenburg, near Bremen, so I had a lot time for coding while listening in endless loop mode to Carpenter Brut : CARPENTERBRUTLIVE.

I love this album!

I think I have most of the socket communication and thread communication finished, but I was not in the mood for testing and debugging.

Instead I started with coding the client snd server application running on CISystem, to execute Groovy code.

I have started with the client and found out, the duty of the client is not to execute the code directly, its duty is to organize the execution, because if one client shall be able to execute more than one script at a time, these scripts must be executed by dedicated threads.

The client communicates the execution parameters, for example the script, via packets. The PacketLayer is responsible for delivering the packets.

This overview shows the connections :

Client Server Execution

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