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20160826 Five Things You Should Try


It's summertime and while waiting for a less hot evening I have decided to share some of the things I like with you ...

Everybody knows Harry Potter and Donkey Kong, so I try to come up with some maybe not-so-known or older stuff, because you would be bored if I only suggest things you already know. Maybe this could be an inspiration for you to go to your cellar or attic to look for some old boxes ...

Book Series

  1. The Harry Dresden novels written by Jim Butcher, about a mage working in Chicago.
  2. The Rivers Of London novels written by Ben Aaronovitch, about a policeman/mage in London.
  3. The Altered Carbon novels written by Richard Morgan, about what could happen when we would be able to digitally store our minds.
  4. The Joe Pitt novels by Charlie Houston, to me the best vampire series since 2 decades, starting with "Already Dead".
  5. The Voodoo series by Nick Stone, great!

Classic Rock Albums

  1. Kiss - Rock And Roll All Over
  2. Saxon - Power And The Glory
  3. Black Sabbath - The Headless Cross
  4. King Diamond - The Eye Of The Witch
  5. Death - Spiritual Healing

Stephen King Books

  1. Salem's Lot
  2. The Dead Zone
  3. Stark - The Dark Half
  4. From A Buick 8
  5. Colorado Kid

Things To Do In London

  1. Walk the south thames path from London Eye to Tower Bridge and on the north side from Tower back to Big Ben.
  2. Walk the canals from King's Cross to Camden Lock and have coffee on top of the Star Bucks building.
  3. Watch a play in Shakespeares Globe Theatre, e.g. a midsummer nights dream, as groundling, it is really cheap and the best place to watch a play here!
  4. Attend "The Ripper Haunts" walk from London Walks
  5. Look what is new in the turbine hall at Tate Modern Gallery.

Walks from Munich East

  1. Walk via Rosenheimer Platz to Muellersches Volksbad and from there along the river Isar into the english garden to the chinese tower.
  2. Walk via Wiener Platz into the english garden to the chinese tower.
  3. When Auer Dult is happening, walk to Mariahilfplatz.
  4. In December do Christmas market hopping, go to Weissenburger Platz, to Isar Tor, Marienplatz, Residenz and then to the medieval market at Wittelsbacher Platz.
  5. Walk to Rosenheimer Platz, via Muellersches Volksbad to Isar Tor and then Kaufinger Strasse to main station.

Classic PC Games

  1. Monkey Island 1+2+3
  2. Maniac Mansion + Day Of The Tentacle
  3. Indiana Jones 3+4
  4. Space Quest 3+4
  5. Warcraft 2

Classic C64 Games

  1. Giana Sisters
  2. Ghosts'n Goblins
  3. Bubble Bobble
  4. Marble Madness
  5. Defender Of The Crown

Classic Movies

  1. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  2. The Man in the Iron Mask with Richard Chamberlain (1977)
  3. De Zevensprong (Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges)
  4. Dogma with Ben Affleck and Matt Diamond
  5. Jack the Ripper with Michael Caine

Cook Sausage Dishes

  1. Broad sausage in pan, red cabbage, potatos
  2. Mettenden cut in small pieces in pan, broad beans, potatos
  3. Nuernberger in pan, Sauerkraut, potatos
  4. Boiled Wiener, potato salad
  5. Grilled Berner, tomato-cucumber salad mixed with grated sheep cheese

Learn Something New

  1. Learn a new programming language
  2. Learn a new framework
  3. Learn a new tool
  4. Try a new operating system
  5. Read a new blog

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