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20160731 A Blog About Using Gradle


I use Gradle now for about 1 year. I like Gradle for being a solution for a bunch of problems or better for providing solutions for a lot of common problems.

In this blog I try to explain for total newbies what Gradle is, what I like about Gradle and where I am working on to improve my skills using Gradle.

Maybe as a professional Gradle script writer you would describe it a little bit different, maybe the way I use Gradle is not much more than being a clever frontend for my Groovy scripts, but I have found out, that it is much better to try to inspire somebody for a new language or tool by showing that you only need to know a few things to achieve big things with it.

This is what I like about Gradle :

  1. The basics about Gradle are all easy.
  2. It is not only for writing build systems, you can write any kind of script with it.
  3. Gradle scripts are written in Groovy, so if you know Groovy or Java, you already can write Gradle scripts.
  4. In Gradle you can define tasks, something like main functions, which can be started from the shell.
  5. A task can have a small documentation and it can be assigned to a group of tasks.
  6. You can list all grouped tasks with their documentation, so it is easy to find out what a script can do for you.
  7. A task can depend on other tasks but you can as well exclude tasks from execution.
  8. Gradle comes with lots of helper functionality on top of Groovy, e.g. Copy tasks, Zip support and Maven support for accessing Nexus.
  9. If something is missing, e.g. you need to parse a log file or generate a config file you just do it writing Groovy code.

Sharing my knowledge about tools and languages is not the main aspect of my blog. What I try to do is to show you on which topics I currently work, what I have achieved, where I am struggling and how I try to solve my problems.

Though using Gradle for a lot of things for some time now, I did not find the time to understand how configurations in Gradle work. This is the first time I start writing a script for abuilding a Java application from scratch and I want to understand how it works in detail and not only copy solutions from the internet.

So what I want to show you in this Gradle blog is with the help of some examples how easy it is to use Gradle to solve common problems and as well document my steps in understanding how to write build scripts.

Please find my Jenkins blog here :

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