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20170612 New Blog Build Scripts On GitHub

20170525 Raspberry Pi - Developer Tools 2 - Java Gradle Git

20161230 Human Readable Object Export

20161228 Gradle Buildsrc Needs To Have Buildscript For Dependencies

20161216 History Outsourced

20161106 Refactored Gradle Build

20161030 Tagging Is Cool

20161003 Wax On Wax Off Or How To Polish This Site

20160902 Upgrade To Gradle 3

20160809 Generating RSS Feeds With Gradle And Groovy For This Blog

20160804 Why I Write Shell Scripts With Gradle And Groovy

20160731 A Blog About Using Gradle

20160221 How To Manually Test The Hello-World-JPI With Gradle

20160221 How To Create The Skeleton Of A Jenkins Plugin With Gradle

20160221 Compile A Hello-World-JPI

20160216 How To Download Artifacts Nexus Using Gradle

20160216 How To Debug Gradle Scripts

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