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20160902 Upgrade To Gradle 3


The last days the number of classes of my CISystem aplication was growing. When it took 37 seconds to compile my application using Gradle 2.13 on my N150 netbook I decided to test how I can improve the speed, using the Gradle daemon or using a newer version of Gradle.

With Gradle 2.13 and Gradle daemon, building took 38 seconds, 1 second longer, so I tried a new Gradle Version.

The current version is Gradle 3.0 and now building my project takes 17 seconds without Gradle daemon and 12 seconds when the daemon is loaded. Gradle loads the daemon automatically now.

The effect depends on your machine and the complexity of your Java application, with my Mac it always takes 2,5 seconds, my project is still small and loading and running Gradle takes 2,5 seconds.

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