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20161003 Wax On Wax Off Or How To Polish This Site


I was thinking for some time now, how to improve the access to my blog posts on this site.

My first idea was implementing a toggle mechanism in JavaScript, so that the posts are loaded only as a list of links you would have to click to open a post, but I did not like the idea you would only see a list of links When you use my RSS feed.

My next idea was, that it would not really help you to have a list of links to my posts in chronological order bottom up, because that feature is already available with the history.

The idea I have implemented is a kind of index page : Topics

It is reachable via the menu page via Main - Topics Of The Blog.

This enables me to give you pages with my blog posts in chronological top down order and you can jump from any post to its topic page.

I did the following :

  1. introduced a kind of tagging for the posts : [[TOPIC]]
  2. tagged all posts
  3. implemented a Gradle task to scan my and create the topics menu and the topic pages.
  4. implemented a Gradle task to compile the tags into links to the topic pages.
  5. had to fix some old post titles, which will create new RSS feed data, I am sorry for that!

Additionally I have started to use Gradle as build tool for executing Pandoc to compile my Markdown files to HTML.

Joerg Mueller's documentation of how to execute shell commands was a big help here!

I have used a FileTree to collect all Markdown files, this way it works automatically for new Markdown files, too.

Now I only need to execute 'gradle compileMD' to

I hope you enjoy it.

Please find my complete Gradle build script in my Gradle/Groovy blog.

These are the sources which have helped me this week :

Joerg Mueller: Executing shell commands in Groovy
Gradle Userguide: Working With Files

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