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20170612 New Blog Build Scripts On GitHub



At the end of 2016 I was trying to prepare this blog for the next year.

My idea at that time was that it is a good idea to have one index.html for every year and rename the current one to index2016.html.

Then I recognized my mistake, this would make all my previous rss feeds point to a wrong page. This would happen with every new year.

The next problem I recognized was, the creation of the history index was still a manual task.

It would be better when the rss feed would always work and when there is only a minimum of manual work when writing a new blog post.

So I changed the concept of the blog build scripts again.

Now I write an own file for every post in the folder blogentry ending with the suffix .insert and the index.html is completely generated.

Another thing I have changed was, all headers and footers of the files are now read from files and not generated from Groovy code. This makes it easier to change them.

Every blog post is now generated into its own .html file and the rss feed now links directly these pages, so their addresses will never change again.

You can get the complete sources on my GitHub page :

AndreĀ“s Blog Build Scripts

This is much easier for me and you.

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