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20160626 A Blog About The Editor Atom


At the beginning of 2015 I have seen Atom for the first time. A colleague had started using it and though he did not use any other editor at work from that time on he was struggling with some keyboard settings and this over days. I think that was the point where it became interesting for me : Why is he using a tool which does not work for him? My colleague uses a Mac Book at home, don't these guys reject everything which is not user-friendly?

The next time I met somebody using Atom was some months ago. When asked why is he using Atom he told me : It has the same keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS as they are on Windows.

Aha! Must have something to with usability why the Mac guys use Atom. Maybe that is the reason why I started using Atom myself when I switched from Mac Book to my net book with Xubuntu for writing my blog.

Writing a blog I learned very quick, you need to have an editor you really like using, where you know the shortcuts, which is fast and which is available on all of your machines.

Great! Andre? Why do you use Atom? Why not VI or VIM?

Yes, perfectly right, but I don't feel comfortable with using VI.

These are my reasons why I have chosen Atom as my new default Editor :

  1. I want to use the same editor on every OS and Atom is available on Linux, Mac OS and Windows.
  2. It comes with good Markdown support out-of-the-box.
  3. It comes with two dark themes I really enjoy.
  4. It is free.
  5. I like the feature of having a project folder file menu on the left side of the screen, even with this small net book.
  6. It has a plug-in interface, so new features do not depend only on new releases.
  7. It comes with a lot of plug-ins and they seem to be hand-selected.
  8. It is fast, it does not feel like working with an IDE.
  9. I like the way the preferences are organized.
  10. I have read that Microsoft are using Atom as base for their free Visual Studio IDE and since I will not have the time to look into that, I was even more interested in starting to use Atom.

And yes, Atom has bugs, there are things I don't understand, I would do some things different, but at the end I am very happy with my choice.

OK, so, why a technical blog about it, why isn't this post enough?

It took some time to find out how to solve my problems with using Atom. This topic does not really fit into the Xubuntu blog and it is growing.

Please read my technical blog about this topic here :

Andre's Technical Blog About The Editor Atom

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