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20170530 Raspberry Pi - Developer Tools 4 - Tomcat Web Server




Working on a software generating HTML pages makes it necessary to test these pages with a real web server.

I use Tomcat on my Raspberry Pi to test the pages on my Ipad.

You get Tomcat here, I currently use version 7.0.72 .

I have downloaded the tar.gz archive and unzipped it to /home/bin/tomcat.

I don't want to run Tomcat as a service, but I want to have it started at boot-time, so I have added this line at the end of .bashrc :



  1. My first try was to do it with a cronjob with @reboot, but that did not work. Googling showed that this seems to be a common problem and that it could take longer to find out why. I will have a look at cronjobs later.
  2. I have tested that starting an ssh session only starts a new webserver when it was shut down before, for now this hack is ok for me.

To access static HTML pages I have put these Context lines at the end of the host block :

        <Context docBase="/home/pi" path="pi" />
        <Context docBase="/mnt/usbstickext4/pi/gitrepo/piblog/outputHTML" path="/blog" />

This enables Tomcat to serve my home on the Pi under /pi and my built blog pages under /blog

This is an example URL for /pi to read a log file located in the home folder :

and this is how I access the blog on the Pi :

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