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20161030 Goodbye Netbook Hello Mac


You may have seen this coming, my Atom netbook is too slow for using Gradle.

Its graphic resolution was too small for Intellij Idea from the beginning.

But its really too slow ...

Bye Bye dear netbook.

Hello, Mac!

I am now using my Macbook Air, which I had bought a year ago to find my way into writing IOS apps ... not started that yet, but its perfect for what I am doing now :

The one point I am still not sure if it is bless or curse is the keyboard.

I really like typing on this device, never had a notebook I liked so much typing on, but it took some weeks to learn its functions by heart. It starts with lots of the brackets are not printed on the keys.

Since I don't want to start a blog about how to use a Mac, here are some of the things I had to learn ...

Mac Keyboard without number block

The cases for the closing brackets or other directions are the next right keys or the corresponding cursor direction.

Character Keys typed instead
[ alt 5
~ alt n
@ alt l
{ alt (
\ shift alt 7
| alt 7
beginning of line fn cursor left or CMD cursor left
beginning of document cmd cursor up
page up fn cursor up
delete from front fn backspace
select till end of line fn shift cursor right


To see hidden files or directories in the finder, type : cmd shift .

Desktop / MissionControl

To select an application : cmd tab

To see all applications : F3 or ctrl cursor up

To show the desktop : cmd F3 or fn F11

open TextEdit from shell

Sometimes, when you just need a simple editor to copy&paste someting, type in xterm : open -e


To get home : cmd shift h


Make a screenshot and save it in a file on desktop : cmd shift 3

Select a part and make a screenshot : cmd shift 4

Select where to go ...

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