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20160619 Restructuring This Blog


I have decided to restructure my blog.

You read my entries bottom-up. That is my intention, because I want you to find my latest entry at the top of my blog page.

What I don't want is to splinter the content of a topic over different blog entries, you would have to read them bottom-up and if I write a week about a different topic, this would only confuse you.

So I started with changing the order in my technical blog about using git. For my technical blog about setting up Xubuntu I had decided to write it top-down direct from the start.

Second I have moved the introductions for the technical blogs to this page, they are blog entries now.

Third I will move the other topics over time to dedicated technical blogs, You can identify their migration by their "yearmonthday" prefix in this page.

Last I have moved the navigation to the end of this page. I now call it History. Instead you see the links to my technical blogs at the top of this page. This makes it easier for you to find my latest entry and you don't have to skip the growing list of links to my weekly blog entries.

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